5 Austin Birth Center Options for a Unique Labor & Delivery

Your environment tends to make a huge difference regarding your birth experience. While hospitals are fantastic options for high-risk deliveries and medical interventions, some parents prefer things a little more peaceful than sterile lighting and loud hallways. If you’re looking for an option outside of the hospital but don’t want to commit to a home birth, a birth center is the ideal choice. These cozy atmospheres allow you to give birth in a home-like environment without all the prep work. Here are the best options for an Austin birth center to consider for your delivery. 

A Guide to Finding Your Perfect Austin Birth Center

Austin Area Birthing Center

Austin Area Birthing Center opened over 30 years ago, making it one of the first birthing centers in Central Texas to receive accreditation. Since the beginning, the midwife-run center has prioritized helping women have their dream deliveries. The center has two locations that offer large birthing tubs in every room. They have several forms of alternative pain relief, including nitrous oxide. 

Beautiful Beginning Birth Center

While Beautiful Beginning Birth Center looks like your typical storefront on the outside, the inside feels like its own little paradise. The center has been decorated to feel like a house, and all prenatal appointments occur in this comfortable space. They’ll teach you how to trust your instincts so you can feel empowered to give birth your way. The center offers a large tub for your delivery and a bed where you can rest throughout labor. 

Abundance Midwifery Service

Abundance Midwifery Service gives parents a serene home for their delivery. While shady woods surround the center, it’s a short 15-minute drive from the hospital, so any necessary transport is a piece of cake. The center offers a kitchen for meal prep, gorgeous rooms, a large living area, and a pool for any water births. You’ll also have a private bathroom complete with a shower. 

Central Texas Birth Center

Central Texas Birth Center is an independent, woman-owned birth center that allows women to take control of their deliveries. The tranquil center offers luxury birthing suites where you can move freely as your labor progresses. The rooms have large baths for your delivery as well as comfortable beds. They also have a fabulous waiting room with tons of toys so siblings can come along for the adventure. 

Austin Birth Center Midwife

The Lotus Community Birthing Center through Austin Birth Center Midwife gives you a calm space for your delivery while keeping you within minutes of the North Austin Medical Center. The house has several rooms and a birth pool for your delivery. It also has a private outdoor garden where you can walk around throughout your labor. 

Austin Birth Center

By choosing a birth center, you can have a peaceful delivery while still having access to everything you need. Check out these Austin birth centers to find the one that’s right for you!

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