The Top Austin Doulas for Your Pregnancy Journey!

There comes a point in every person’s pregnancy where they ask themselves the question, am I really ready for this? While that thought is definitely not uncommon, having a group of experts who can reassure you every step of the way is helpful. By adding a doula to your birth team, you can have the confidence you need to carry out your plan. If you’re searching for a fierce advocate for your family, here are the top Austin doulas who will be there throughout your entire delivery! 

A Guide to the Best Austin Doulas for Your Pregnancy

Austin Doula Care

Austin Doula Care has exceptional partners who will be there throughout every step of your parenthood journey. The team provides birth doulas, postpartum doulas, lactation help, and placenta encapsulation. The birth doulas will be there whether you have a quiet home birth or a planned hospital birth. They can also help prepare your family for a new addition thanks to their sibling doula care. 

Doulas of Austin

Doulas of Austin is a small team of experts led by Chiminh Ashton, an RN passionate about helping new parents. Chiminh combines her science knowledge with her love of empowering families to give you evidence-based care. She offers birth and postpartum support, placenta encapsulation, as well as virtual nurse consultations. 

ATX Doulas

ATX Doulas is a team of professionals who will ensure you always have care. The team offers both a primary and a backup doula and will ensure you have the help you need as soon as labor starts. You can get to know the team ahead of time at their events. Once you’re positive they’re the practice for you, they’ll match you with the best package for your specific needs.

Austin Birth Company

Austin Birth Company is passionate about matching you with your ideal doula. The group comprises a vast team of doulas who can help with nearly any birth preference. You’ll start by completing an inquiry, and they’ll get to work finding the doula for you. The group offers birth and postpartum support as well as mental health support, lactation consultations, placenta encapsulation, and prenatal massage and acupuncture. 

The Austin Doula

The Austin Doula is here to do what it takes to give you a magical birth experience. The team comprises professionals who have received evidence-based training on birth and hydrotherapy. They’ll work with you to create a birth plan as well as make sure you feel prepared for labor. The group allows you to select packages that will provide comprehensive support during and after labor. 

BeLoved Doula & Postpartum Care

BeLoved Doula & Postpartum Care is a doula practice started by Peggy Garcia. Peggy has had six babies herself and understands the importance of unconditional support. She offers birth and postpartum doula services, childbirth education, and placenta encapsulation. Above all, throughout the entire process, she’ll make sure your voice is heard. 

Austin Doulas

By finding a doula, you can have exceptional care for every part of your birth plan. Check out these Austin doulas today so you can feel empowered for delivery! 

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