The Most Recommended Austin Midwives for All Birth Plans

Most women know exactly what they want for their birth plan before they even get that positive pregnancy test. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for the birth industry to completely throw your plan out the door. By finding a midwife who aligns with your vision, you’ll have a powerful advocate who will be there every step of your pregnancy and delivery. If you’ve been on the search for Austin midwives, I’d love to tell you a short rundown of some of the best! 

5 Top Austin Midwives To Help Welcome Your New Little One

Abundance Midwifery

No matter what you have in mind for your Austin delivery, Abundance Midwifery has the midwives for you. The practice is made up of four certified midwives (one of which is a licensed OB-GYN) as well as a doula and childbirth educator. The team will be there for everything from natural hospital deliveries to relaxed home births. They even have their own private birthing center located just 15 minutes from a hospital. So you can have a home-like birth without all the prep. 

Mother Bloom Midwifery

Mother Bloom Midwifery is a practice started by April Blackmore. April believes that childbirth should be treated as a normal event rather than a medical emergency. Her goal is to help you feel supported and empowered. So you can have your ideal birth experience. For home births, she offers concierge midwife services from the comfort of your own Austin house. You’ll feel just as supported if you choose to give birth in a hospital with her at your side. 

Midwifery of Austin

Midwifery of Austin is a fantastic option for those who have decided on a home birth. The practice is run by two experienced midwives determined to give you a peaceful birth experience. You can start out your care with an interview where you’ll ensure the practice is the right one for you. From there, they’ll be there every step of the way, from regular prenatal appointments to home prep. Following your delivery, they’ll remain on-call for the next 6 weeks for any questions regarding recovery. 

Julia Bower, CNM

Julia Bower provides parents around Austin with judgment-free midwife care. From the beginning of your pregnancy, she’ll work with you to determine the birth path that’s right for you. She offers support for both hospital and home births. During every appointment leading up to your delivery, she’ll spend time answering all of your questions and making sure you feel ready for the birth experience you want. 

Steph Berry

Steph Berry is a midwife who will be there for your home birth. She dedicates herself to empowering her clients to take their health care back into their own hands. Her goal is to educate you so you can make the decisions that are best for you. She’ll bring you all the tools you need for your home birth and ensure you feel ready for your delivery. She’ll continue to monitor you after your delivery and can refer you to any medical practitioners should you need it. 

Austin Midwives

By finding a midwife who understands your style, you can give birth your own way. Check out these Austin midwives today so you can have your dream experience. 

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