Congratulations on your pregnancy! You may have had your ups and downs on the journey to motherhood, but you’ve made it this far and that’s something to celebrate.

Your body is doing something so incredible! It can be so easy to focus on the baby and forget about that special journey that you experience during your pregnancy that you won’t want to forget.

Maternity photoshoot is so important, it creates memories of this special time that passes so quickly. Celebrate on how incredible a women’s body is!

At Luersen Signature Photography we are here to support you and make you look your best so that you can see how gorgeous you are.

When to book your maternity photo session?

I highly recommend to book at 12 weeks pregnant and to plan photoshoot at week 28-33 weeks of your pregnancy.

If you want to book a session with Luersen Signature Photography, the earlier you book your session the better!

Many mothers will bring their spouses or other children to join them. This is a great opportunity to capture the excitement of the whole family who are awaiting your bundle of joy. We highly encourage that you include dad and siblings, this is a huge milestone to capture the entire family.

It is important to be well rested and hydrated before your session. This will help make sure you not only look your best but have the energy you need for a busy day!

Water is equally important to keep your skin looking fresh, start focusing your hydration two days before your session.

I do recommend getting a manicure and pedicure before your session. Not only is it to pamper yourself, but it will photograph beautifully. Choose neutral colors or a French manicure so that it doesn’t draw the eye to much on the main attraction which is you and your baby belly!

The day of your session please avoid wearing any tight fitting clothing or accessories that night leave marks on y0ur skin. Instead, stick to loose fitting clothing that you can easily change in and out of.

Some photographers may require you to choose your own outfit to come prepared with y0ur hair and make-up, but at Luersen Signature Photography our team handles this for you. This is something less to stress about. We have two trusted HMUA that we work with.

This is a special time in your life and a special day to remember, it is a chance to capture a moment and make a memory that will last a lifetime!


Contact us today to schedule an in person consultation or phone consultation.


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Hello, my name Nancy and I’m the person behind the camera! I’m a momma to three beautiful daughters and one handsome son! I have been married for 4 years to my wonderful husband. I am a believer of Jesus Christ and love spending time with my family. After my second daughter was born and we had her pictures taken, I knew I wanted to get into photography. Capturing every detail from those tiny eyelashes to those tiny wrinkly feet!