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Feel Your Best With A Relaxing Austin Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy isn’t exactly the most relaxing time in your life. Your body is quickly changing to make room for your baby; sometimes, it doesn’t know how to deal with that. As you deal with this transformation, you’re also handling increased hormones that can lead to some really uncomfortable symptoms. While prenatal massages might seem like an unnecessary luxury, they do a lot to eliminate the discomforts you’re feeling right now. Massages can decrease swelling, relieve joint pain, and prepare your body for delivery. So here are the best places for an Austin prenatal massage

Relieve Swelling & Joint Pain with An Austin Prenatal Massage

Sage Blossom Massage

6603 Menchaca Road Austin, Texas 78745

For over ten years, Sage Blossom Massage has been working with people in every stage of life so they can feel their best. Juliann Gorman opened the studio after she spent some time working in a chiropractic office. This experience inspired her to study how to target pain and rehabilitate injuries. You can book a service that lasts between 30-120 minutes. If you’re dealing with problem areas, then speak to your therapist. So they can bring you sweet relief. 

Prevana Wellness

2720 Bee Caves Rd Suite 201, Austin, Texas 78746

Prevana Wellness is a studio that Paige Moreno started to provide lymphatic massages. By booking a massage that focuses on your lymphatic system, you can decrease swelling, restore your center of balance, and improve your sleep quality. At Prevana, you can book a traditional prenatal or lymphatic prenatal massage. The studio offers specialty post-surgical lymphatic massage to aid you in recovery from a cesarean. 

Mantis Massage

27800 South Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas 78704

Mantis Massage uses specialty-trained massage therapists for all their pregnant clients. When you schedule a massage, you can trust that you’re working with an expert who knows how to use gentle but effective treatment to bring you relaxation. The center advises you to get a go-ahead from your provider before you start their service. They will ask if you have any specific concerns so they can proceed accordingly. 

Spa Sway

11011 Domain Drive, Austin, Texas 78758

Spa Sway is a chic spa that has created a haven where you can unwind. The center has developed a spa treatment that assists your body through rapid transformations so you can feel your best. They use pregnancy pillows that keep you comfortable throughout your service. All the specialists are trained to handle pregnant bodies so you can remain safe. Your massage will last between 50-80 minutes, and you can pair it with services such as a foot massage or scalp treatment. 

Don’t Skip Out On Feeling Good With An Austin Prenatal Massage

By booking an Austin prenatal massage, you can relax while working with an expert dedicated to making pregnancy way more enjoyable. Check out these centers today to find the one that’s right for you. 

As you’re creating your birth plan, make sure you book some pictures! I adore working with parents to celebrate their newest arrivals because I know how exciting this stage is. As a mom myself, I strive to create memories so you can hold onto these months forever. If you’ve been looking for the perfect photographer for your family, let’s chat so you can decide if I’m lucky enough to work with you!

Mom to be holding her bump for her fine art portrait captured by Austin maternity photographer.

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