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Choose Your Birth Experience with Central Texas Birth Center

While hospitals have several life-saving uses, they’re not always the best choice for childbirth. Not only can they be noisy and overwhelming, but the doctors are often set in their own ways. Sometimes, the providers know what they want your delivery experience to look like and are not about to give you a say. This can lead to unnecessary interventions and create trauma that will overshadow memories of your baby’s arrival. If you’re looking for experts who will give you options for out-of-hospital birth, I would love to tell you all about Central Texas Birth Center. This revolutionary center is here to put your delivery back into your own hands. 

About the Central Texas Birth Center

101 W Cooperative Way Georgetown, Texas 78626

Central Texas Birth Center is a woman-owned space passionate about helping women have the birth experience that’s right for them. The center is staffed by two midwives who take pride in offering open-minded care that puts you in the center. They’ve curated a space that feels like a home so you can feel comfortable whenever you stop by. 

The center offers affordable financial options and will work with your insurance, including Medicaid and co-op plans. They invite you to call them early in your pregnancy so you can tour the center and decide whether they’ll be the team for you. 


When you decide to work with the Central Texas Birth Center midwives, you’ll receive all your prenatal visits within the cozy center. They will tailor their prenatal care to your needs and spend time answering any of your questions and concerns. You’ll never feel like you’re rushed through your appointment. Their goal is to make sure you feel confident with your birth plan. On top of discussing it throughout your appointments, they will invite you to childbirth courses that go over everything you need to know for your delivery. 

If you choose to deliver at the center, you’ll have access to large beds to move through labor. The private rooms have tubs for hydrotherapy. The center believes in a family-centric approach. They have a waiting room where your older child can play with trains and toys. Following your labor, they will ensure you and your baby are on the path to recovery before releasing you to rest in your own home. 


If you are looking for a team for your home birth, schedule a consultation with the midwives! The team will provide all your prenatal care and work with you to create the ideal space for your delivery. Once labor starts, they’ll be by your side, empowering you through every step.  

Thank You For Stopping By And Reading About Central Texas Birth Center

With the midwives at Central Texas Birth Center, you’ll have a team of experts for your out-of-hospital birth. Check them out today for the birth experience that’s right for you! 

While you create your birth plan, make sure you schedule some portraits! I’m a Texas photographer as well as a mom myself. I want to help you capture every monumental moment because I know just how precious this stage is. If you’ve been looking for the perfect person to celebrate with your family, let’s chat so you can decide if I’m the one for you!

Newborn baby boy with neutral colors, Austin texas newborn, pregnancy

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